Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Piece of Cake Week 2 # 2

sadness (page 53) This word is commenly used to show expression. When you think of sadness you think of a gray gloomy day where you just want to be all alone and curl up in your bed and go to sleep and not wake up untill the sun has come up agin.

chugged (page 63)When you drink something really fast almost in one gulp. In this book they were talking about chugging beer so that you can get even more drunk then you think you are because it is not hitting you at differnt times it comes to you all at once.

ranting (page 71) When two or more people are going on and on yelling and fighting about some thing they are ranting. When people are ranting they usually are not using nice words and are puting eachother down to make them selfvs feel better.

prostitution(page 78): This word represents selling your body for money. It is a unhealthy thing to do but for the less fortunate it may seem as there only way to survive or make any money to feed there familys if they have one.

abortion (page 84) When a person choses to have there baby killed for some reason such as not wanting there family and friends to know or they are just not financally or emotionaly ready to have and raise a child.

juvie (page 96) For most people when you hear the word juvie you think of a place where a bunch of kids under the age of 18 go if they are in trubble with the law witch is correct but a juvie is also a name given to the kid sent to the juvinial dilinquent center.

gang(page 106): The word gang symbolizes violence. Violence is clearly bad and never represented in a good way . Violence can cause hurt emotionaly or physicaly. Some people are in gangs because they think it is cool or they just think its a place where they belong, some people are afraid of them. The word can effect people differntly.

hatred (page 106) This word is used because it gives off a sense of meaness and can have different words used in its place. It's feeling is again harsh. The author used this word because she wanted to show how much hate she had towards another person

nigga(page 113): This word is very harmful and shouldnt be said. It is a very racist word and is super offensive to people of color. It is usally only accepted when blacks are talking to blacks and if a white person were to use the word it is automatically taken to offence.

bangers (page 124)This word has many different feelings that go along with it. Some feelings towards bangers would be scary, family, tight. The author used this word because her gang used slang which alot of is used in her vocabulary through out the book.

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