Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Don't forget about me- A gossip girl novel. week 2 post B

" Nate stared at him, openmouthed. He'd never really considered that not getting his diploma would mean he'd actually have to repeat senior year. Maybe take a year off, do some "community service" building outhouses on a beach in Costa Rica or something , but another year of high school? Taking the same boring classes, doing the same boring things, while his friends were all off at college, having fun without him?" (page 54)

In the same chapter as this quote Nate has gone home for the first time sence his trip out on the sea with Blair. When Nate was soposed to graduate from highschool he stole something from his principal so the principal did not allow him to. When Nate left for his trip he was the only one who knew that he had not gotten his diploma so he was nervious that his dad now knew... and he did. His dad was a Captain in the navy and he threatend Nate that he was going to make him go and deal with Captian Chips White who worked with his dad on the ship. Soposedly hes really harsh and mean. Blair and Serena still think that Nate is going off to Yale with them in a few short weeks. So Nate is trying to decide how hes going to tell them that now there all going to be seperated offically for the first time in forever. Not only does Nate have to find out how to tell Serena and Blair he now has to come up and think of a way to some how be able to go to school in a few weeks. Sence these familys are all very wealthy he will probley just try to pay off every one he can including the principal and some how encourage him to give him his diploma. The other main point in this section is that one of the boys that Nate, Blair, and Serena have gone to school with for a very long time has just come out and said that hes gay. This guys name is Dan who just happens to be one of Serenas ex-boyfriends. Dans mom couldent be more excited about the whole thing so she decided to send out an e-mail to his entire graduated class and she invites them all to a suprize party for his coming out.

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