Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't you forget about me- A gossip girl novel week 1 post B pages 1-39

"So," Serena started agian, focusing her gaze on the gray Abercrombie T-shirt Nate had had for as long as she could remember- anything to avoid looking up into his glittering green eyes. She shuffled her flip-flops against the floor and steeled herself for the queshton she knew she had to ask, no matter how much the answer hurt." (page 37)

This quote is one of the most important in the book. Serena, Blair, and Nate have all been best friends ever sence they can remember. They have been through the best and worse of times with eachother and no matter how many fights they have gotten in they have always come out strong and as one. Before Blair and Nate left for there one month trip out on the ocean blue Serena had written a love letter to Nate letting him know that she liked him. Little did Serena know Blair had found the letter before Nate in Nates car. When Blair and Nate had gotten home from their trip Serena was at Blairs house helping her mom plan a suprise going away party for Blair and her step brother Aaron. When Blair and her mom were talking in the other room Serena and Nate got to catch up on their summer ( or the past month). Its at this time when the quote from above comes in and the queston that Serena is wanting to ask Nate is if he ever got her letter but then he inturrups her and she never gets around to asking him if he had ever recived the letter.

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