Monday, November 26, 2007

Dont you forget about me- A gossip girl novel. week 1 post A pages 1-39

Stewardess (page 14) A woman fight attendent
Ramshackle (page 19) 1 : when something is appearing ready to collapse 2 : carelessly or loosely constructed

"Well, don't you look happy?" He wrapped his arms around her tiny waist, burying his face in her dark, windblown hair. "You even smell nice, for once."
Blair squealed as he began to tickle her, squirming away.
" Thanks a alot!"
Nate just grinned as he slid his feet into the black worn Teva flip-flops he'd worn every day at sea.

This quote basically sums up Blair and Nates realtion ship. They had just gotten off the yaht they had been on together for the past month just the two of them. They are now more then ever in love and are even closer then before. Blair and Nate have been together sence they were just little kids and now are headed off to college for the first time ever in just a few short days.

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