Sunday, November 25, 2007

Piece of Cake week 4 post #1

" I sat in the chair with my head down and began to cry. I was so disheartened. For the first time sience going to the hospital, I felt...hopeless. I quickly wiped away the tears, not wanting anyone to think I was a punk or weak. I stared at the floor, wondering when would be the right moment to get up and leave. I wouldn't be coming back to the Southeast Alano Club. In fact, I wasn't going back to any meetings." Page 355

This quote is put more towards the end of the book but it is very important because it tells us about how hard Cupcake was trying to become clean from her use of drugs. Yet no matter how hard she tryed she still felt like a falure and just giving up. I feel like Cupcake also put this in the book because it is something that everyone can really relate to because at some point in everyones life they feel like no matter what they do they will never be perfect or be able to accomplish every thing they want to. Once in a while you will always just want to give up when really the best thing to do is to keep going.

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