Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pice of Cake Week 3 part 2

dear journal,

The book A Pice of Cake is the sadest memoir I have read. Its about a girl , Cupcake,whos mother dies when she is only 12 years old and finds out that the man she has considerd her dad her whole life isent her biological father. She is then put into foster care. She has a brother but they hate eachother. Every thing from then has gone down hill. She runs away and gets into drugs and alcohol. Almost instantly she is addiceted. To pay for these addictions she begins selling herself. She then gets pregnate and then is returned to her foster home from which she ran away from. She is so excited to have her baby because she feels like it will be someone to love her. Then for no reason at all her foster mother decideds to have some of her other foster children come and beat her up killing the baby. So once agian Cupcake runs away and joins a gang. She ended up getting shot luckily she was able to walk agian. Some times I think my life could not get any harder or stress full then it is but then I think of this book and nothing compares. She has no one and I have a family right by my side. I predict that before things get any better they will get worse but I know she has the power to pull out of all of this once she decides that she wants to.

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