Monday, November 26, 2007

Don't you forget about me-A gossip girl novel week 2 post A pages 40-81

1. To read through carefully
2. To browse through something casually
3. To examine or study attentively

Contemplatively (page 53):
1. With contemplation
2. In a contemplative manner

" Oh my God, you have to burn this one!" Serena held out a picture of her first-grade self in a fuzzy alligator costume and dug her feet into the butter-soft forset green Pratesi sheets covering Nate's bed. (page 77)

In this quote Nate and Serena are going through old pictures for Blairs suprise slide show thats going to be playing at her going away party. Blairs mom asked the two of them to go through and pick pictures to put in the slide show sence they have been best friends for ever and she thinks it would be more special for them to do it.

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