Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don't you forget about me- A gossip girl novel week 4 post A and B

Throng (page 137):
1) A large group of people gatherd or crowded closely together.
2) A large group of things

Commiserate (page147):
1) to feel or express pitty for ;sympathize with

" I have to tell you something, Blair." Nate's voice shaking. "There's something important I've been keeping from you." " I didn't get my diploma," Nate blurted in a rush, as if hoping she might not catch the words. " I have to repeat senior year at St.Jude's." (page 125)

This quote is important because this is when Nate finally decides to tell Blair that he did not get his diploma from highschool so he will not be able to go off to Yale with her and Serena in a few short days. Blair is so mad that she just dosnt know what to do so she throughs something at Nates head. Nate decideds it would be best to leave Blair alone untill she calms down a bit and so he decideds to go and talk to Serena. Nate thought that Blair may have already told Serena about him not getting his diploma but she hadn't. When Nate gets to Serenas house she was going through more pictures for the going away party slide show. She then decides that this would be a good time for her to ask Nate about the love letter that she had wrote him because she was still wondering if he had ever got it. After he said that he had not gotten the letter he asks her what it had said and she told him that she loved him. It took off from there and they ended up sleeping together. Not only for the first time eather but for the second. Nate then tells Serena about how he is not going to be able to go to Yale with Blair and her. Serena then tells Nate about the offer she had gotten from her movie producer. Her first movie had just came out and her boss already has about 3 more movies lined up for her. Serena herself is now debating wether or not she should go to Yale and get a college education or if she should stay in New York and become a famous actress.

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