Wednesday, September 26, 2007

1st memoir post

In the first section of my book, A Pice Of Cake by Cupcake Brown, The main character La' Vette also known as Cupcake has grown up in San Francisco with her mom, dad and brother. Just a few years ago her dad and mom seperated and her brother and dad moved just down the street. One morning she woke up to her moms alarm clock and wondering why her mom hadent turned it off she went into her room to go check things out. To her suprise her mom was lieing half on the bed half off. Cupcake then knew that her mom was gone forever. She had found out later by the doctors that she had a sezure and had swallowed her toung that had choked her. Then as she went into court she found out after all of these years that the dad she thought was her dad turned out not to be. Her brother and her then had to be taken in by there father by birth. That same day there dad decided to put them into a foster home. There foster mother was a evil terrible person after a day of living there there foster mothers brother moved in with them untill he was going into the army. That same day he moved in he had raped Cupcake. This kept happening and they were beaten and treated very unfairly. So after a while of being at the foster home Cupcake decided to run away. She dident know exactly where she was going but she did it any way. She ended up at a coffee shop where she meet a woman by the name of Candy. Cupcake decided to tell Candy all about how she ran away and how she was raped by her stepmothers brother, Pete. Then Cupcake finds out that Candys job is to do what Pete had done to her and she gets paied for it. Candy then told Cupcake that she could make money for doing it so they stood on a street corner untill a car pulled up and then Cupcake returnded with $40 and was as happy as a littel girl could be. Or thats what she thought. She then was told by Candy that she could go back to her pimps house with her. They decicded that it would be a good idea for all of them to smoke pot and drink. This is also when Cupcake found out that this was the "happy liquid" that pete had also given her. After a few joints and shots Candys pimp asked her how much she had made that night and then Candy had to give her pimp all of the money she made. He then told Cupcake that if she was going to stay with him that she would also have to give in all of the money she makes but he was going to let her keep her earnings for that night. Candy and her pimp then go into the back bedroom and thats when Cupcake decided to run away from them because she dident want to have to give away all of the money that she had made. Sence she had no clue where to go and she was tired and hungry she decieded to sit on a stump and just wait there untill she had enough energy to keep going when a car pulled up aside of her to ask her if she was okay. Just then a cop car pulled up and asked her some queshtons and she answerd them and found her her way back home. When she got back to the foster home the abuse just started getting worse and worse. Her foster mother then enrolled her into school where Cupcake love to go. She made many new friends. She told her friends about the abuse of her foster mother and they decied they were going to help her to get out of there. They told her that she could go anywhere by just sticking her thumb out and a car will pull over pick you up and take you anywhere you wanted to for free. So once agian she runs away in the middle of the night and hitch hikes a ride from an older black male.

And this concludes section one of my book.

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allison f said...

this book sounds verry sad and good great job describign it ive never read it but i have a great idea now =]